10 November 2012

Internet in Thailand

We didn't have to pay a lot of attention to the internet connection in Thailand 🇹🇭. All the places we lived in — both north and south of the country — provided either free or affordable Wi-Fi access.

In general, the speed and stability of the connection suited our needs. There were just two exceptions. A couple of times we unpacked our Wi-Fi antenna and router to get a stronger signal. And it so sometimes happened that after a thunderstorm the connection could be absent for several hours. Though that was not critical or often, even despite the fact that we lived in Thailand 🇹🇭 mainly during the rainy season.

As usual, it was possible to acquire a mobile package with 3G connection. But the tariffs we considered were quite expensive, with the mediocre coverage. Although, still consider this option if you plan to stay in one of the larger cities, such as Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

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