4 November 2013

Something Happened


Something turns inside you when you are looking at Klimt's The Kiss.

Something changes when you are enjoying being in a three-hundred-meter queue to the museum. You don't want to run away. On the contrary, it feels interesting and fun to be with all these people.


And then you freeze in front of Rembrandt's paintings. They are painfully familiar from childhood: you had seen them so many times in the parent's stamp collection. Something happens within you; right here, while experiencing the tangible paintings of a factual person.

Time swirls, the world becomes different. It will never be the same again. But maybe it becomes more real?



Something turns right in the depths of your soul when you taste an ordinary French croissant or Monegasque open-faced melt to find out that pastry can be amazingly delicious. And then you are trying to understand: "Why is it so?"; to even find some answers.

But something has irrevocably changed already.



You are transformed forever when a shiny Rolls-Royce suddenly stops at the crosswalk and the driver gently invites you to cross the road. And you simply aren't able to hold back your tears while being among Gaudi's enchanting buildings. Being dazed, absorbing unfamiliar shapes and colors.




But what's eventually left?

A desire for rather banal things: to remain in this steady, peaceful rhythm; to enjoy this tranquil Life. So that in a few decades to live at least like European seniors. In the evenings, to go for a walk with your dear ones; talk affectionately with each other; dance tango and foxtrot in a park; lie down on a bench in the shade of a tree, put your head on your loved one's lap and listen to a book read aloud.




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