12 December 2012

Welcome Home


After a year of traveling around Asia, we have finally returned home. In two months, we have productively visited three regions (Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Crimea), diving into all the usual specifics of Ukrainian mentality: "It’s so hard," "That's so lame," "And the people are …," "And the government is …," and so on, and so on, and so on.


In general, the truth that we have found in distant lands is that our country is beautiful and spacious. And that the people are fine. And all the rest about ourselves we have made up and got used to believing in it.



It appeared that Ukraine 🇺🇦 was neither poor nor dirty, and that our people were smart.


All we need is to stop maligning ourselves and our fellow compatriots. We need to learn how to rejoice in our delights, the way not rarely even the most impoverished people in other parts of the world can.


I wish you love ❤️, my dear compatriots.

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