5 May 2023




Мы сами себя посажали по клеткам
И думали, что так нам будет уютней,
Но вышло лишь душно.



I am empty:
Nothingness of the "me"-placeholder
Isn't even a hole.



They seemed to be
So useless
At some stage
But now
They're all
I have.



A wounded beast
Disturbs tranquilness
of a still,
bit frozen forest.

For how long?



Despite all the trauma
Despite all the pain
We keep standing firmly
In spite of dismay.

No anger won't make us
To shut our eyes.
No hatred won't close any
Wide open heart.

We're feeling and seeing:
It's all not in vain.
We must go on living
The happiest way.

This choice is our answer
To all the abuse,
To all the oppressors:
It spoils their plans.

This choice brings us freedom,
Gives back our wings.
The merriest people,
The ones that can win.

The battle with darkness
We fight every day.
The more light is in us,
The closer's heyday.

The victory over
All mad we have met.
The heat of our souls
Will force burden to melt.

Forever and ever.
Stay strong, don't you fret.
Despite all the evils
Despite all the threats.

You triumph when joyful
Life blooms in your chest.
Your shine blinds the foes,
Burning their disgrace.

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